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In October of 2012, God miraculously (and when we say miraculously, we mean miraculously) opened the doors for the Journey to the Heart program to go into a women’s prison. It is a week-long event where volunteers are with the inmates for almost the entire day, including eating lunch with them in the chow hall.

God did things on that first Journey that changed and impacted each volunteer, and He hasn’t stopped since.

Currently, we go down to Florida twice a year and hold the Journey in as many as 6 prisons at a time, in both mens’ and womens’ prisons. There can be anywhere from 400-600 inmates going through the Journey at a time, and there have been up to 120 volunteers at once, taking part in the unbelievable work that God is doing.

How You can Help.

Sponsor a Volunteer

Having volunteers makes the biggest difference in the world because the inmates can see normal, faulty people, who are filled with the love of God, and it impacts them hugely!
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Sponsor an Inmate

They’re one of the most grateful groups of people we’ve ever ministered to. Many can’t believe that people would voluntarily spend so much time in a prison just to show the love of God.
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Buy a Journey Workbook

A Journey workbook contains all the material that the inmates and volunteers go through during the week. Many inmates take them back to there bunks and read them again and again.
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